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Since year 2000, Kyle Kahl searched for the most efficient way to heal from injuries & pain.

In the early 2010's, he started working with Dr. J Pietila and other masterminds that had obtained the lofty degree of becoming a  Chiropractic Neurologist. 

Shockingly, he witnessed countless patients that had pain and dysfunction for years after failing numerous other therapies (other chiropractors, ongoing physical therapy, acupuncture, injections, surgery, etc...) come see Dr. J and himself and make a full recovery in usually only 1-5 treatments on average.

The recoveries were so amazing & efficacious that Kyle worried the problems would return, but this was rarely the case.

Kyle had found a new gold standard for the fastest and safest recovery.

He trained for years with Dr. J and the docs there, became certified in NTS (NeuroTarget Systems) and has been practicing it for over a decade with incredible results. 

Kyle Kahl became the first (and currently only) Certified Athletic Trainer in America to be certified in NTS and one of the approximate 50 people trained in this technique around the world.  

He is currently the only practitioner in the state that uses both NTS in conjunction with Phoenix therapy. 


Kyle grew up in Southern Minnesota, playing all the basketball and other sports he could and working out another 1-2 hours after practices at home with hopes and dreams to someday be in the NBA as many boys do. While he may have been far from that, he sustained a triplane fracture of his ankle the day before he was going to start his first game in high school and was out all season. 


It was during those several months of both enduring the pain & devastation of being unable to play sports from yet another injury and conversely, the benefits of doing rehab with superb physical therapists that ignited a passion to help others heal efficiently from injuries and become free from pain.

In year 2000, he attended Vanguard University of Southern CA to become an Athletic Trainer in order to help injured athletes recover from injuries. 

He then went on and obtained his Master's in sports medicine at UCCS (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs) and fell in love with CO and all the activities of rock climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking and the mountains.


Kyle  has worked in many capacities as an Athletic Trainer from holistic chiropractic centers to physical therapy clinics; high school, collegiate & semi-pro sports teams.  The most notable experience during those 20 years was working with Dr. J Pietila who practiced and trained other doctors in NeuroTarget System (NTS).

From 2000 on, he has seen how painstakingly long most injuries take to heal, but was able to find ways for most injuries to be able to heal faster using NTS & Phoenix therapy together.  Now it's possible to turn months of recovery into weeks and weeks into days. He hopes to expose this to the world during his lifetime to make a huge impact in people's lives. 

Other services: Personal Training & Running Analysis 


Kyle brings a special flavor of personal training to the table that focuses on injury management, prevention and athletic performance enhancement.  He was also a division 1 NAIA scholarship running athlete and has been trained in running analysis & correction by some of the foremost physical therapists in the US in this focus.  Running analysis can be done with video at the Boulder location on the treadmills.  

With personal training, if you suffer from pain with certain movements, he can frequently eliminate the pain immediately by correcting faulty posturing, muscle recruitment and movement patterns you are using to move.


These corrections can prevent further and future joint damage such as arthritis and allow you to perform your sports and activities at an elite level at a much older age than we typically see decline at.  Nutritional recommendations will supplement this.


With thousands of hours of observing and playing sports, Kyle can help a wide collage of athletes achieve their goals.


He understands the physics, psychology and nutritional aspects that different activities and lifestyles play into ones overall health and performance. These things can all be used and improved to become your best.

We have solutions to your problems


You're facing any of these issues:


RapidHeal Therapy has answers:
  • Pain & injuries keeping me from doing my favorite activities

  • My doctor/PT said I can't participate for months

  • I don't have the patience to rest

  • Nothing works! I'm still in pain/dysfunction

  • I already tried every therapy and they failed

  • It costs too much $

  • We fix >80% of musculoskeletal injuries/ailments with an average pain decrease of 33% per treatment

  • Months become weeks with RHT

  • Heal up to 80% faster

  • Our results are based on patients with an average of 2 years of pain/dysfunction

  • Most of our patients failed PT, Chiro, dry needling, PRP, etc... and succeed here

  • Most of our patients need only 2-5 treatments to achieve full restoration

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