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NeuroTarget Systems is an absolutely brilliant technique developed in the early 2000s by Dr. John Pietila (“Dr. J”), one of the few chiropractic neurologists in the state of MN.

Dr. J notes that most times that injury occurs, the nervous system did not communicate to the muscles fast enough to properly absorb force.

We are always absorbing force due to gravity. For instance, the force in our spine increases when we run and it increases even more if we jump to catch a football while being tackled in the air. 


If the muscles CAN absorb all these forces, we will not get hurt.  However, if any of the muscles can't absorb the forces, the force will go to another structure and create breakdown. 

For instance, the force may go to an adjacent muscle and cause that muscle to strain. It may go to a ligament and cause a sprain, nearby cartilage and cause a labral or meniscal tear, a disc in the back leading to protrusion or herniation, or a bone to cause a stress fracture or complete fracture, etc...


If the nervous system has decreased function, it will not fire the muscles fast or strong enough to absorb the force and injury and inflammation will result.

NTS (NeuroTarget Systems) allows the practitioner to rapidly find weaknesses in the nervous system that are hindering communication to the muscles.  It also provides an efficient way to correct these weaknesses so the communication is restored so one can absorb force properly and allow the injured area to heal.  

Most causes of musculoskeletal pain can be found, fixed and prevented from recurring using the NeuroTarget technique. Combining it with Phoenix protocols, which heal injured tissue, is a killer combination that allows for most injuries, even injuries as chronic as decades to easily become annihilated in usually just 1-10 treatments.

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RapidHeal Therapy is the first of its kind to bring NeuroTarget Systems & Phoenix therapy to Boulder, CO.

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