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Phoenix Therapy finds and removes inflammation & scar tissue while simultaneously regenerating torn and damaged tissues
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Effects & Uses of Phoenix Therapy


  • What is the “Phoenix” and how can it help heal damaged tissues?

  • The Phoenix is a unique and advanced form of electrical stimulation with a current that is harmonious with healthy tissue.  

  • Contrary to regular E-stim, we can scan the electrodes over large areas of the skin to find what we collectively call "Hot Spots'" which include: trigger points, electrical discontinuities, inflammation, scar tissue and unhealthy tissues.

  • Treating these “Hot Spots'” will allow new blood flow, healing blood cells and collagen fibers to lay down over torn and damaged tissues that result in incredible regeneration.

Regular Electrical Stimulation Devices vs The Phoenix Electrical Stimulation

  • Regular E-stim treats the area where the injury ended up.  For instance; after a $600-$3000 MRI finding of a MCL tear in the knee, a therapist will typically use E-stim by guessing where to place the pads around the knee (where the injury ended up, not necessarily the source of the injury). 

    • The result is temporary increased blood flow to the skin area (not deep to the torn tissues) & muscle contractions making the muscles short and tight.​

  • With the Phoenix, we usually end up with the pads a surprising distance from where the injury ended up. Why? We are treating the soft-tissue causes of the injury.  Essentially--where the injury came from, not where it ended up. 

    • Many injuries won't heal because there is a wall of scar tissue and/or inflammation around the torn tissue or fracture that blocks blood flow from getting in to heal it

      • The Phoenix rips the scar tissue/inflammation out, so that new blood flow can now go past where this wall was to the injured tissue or bone. The area is flooded with blood and collagen fibers to regenerate the torn tissue or fracture.

    • The Phoenix also strengthens & elongates the muscles (rather than tightening them in regular E-stim due to it's unique current) to support the injured area, which takes stress off of the injury.

      • It strengthens all the muscles in the area, including the stabilizers, not just the primary movers.

      • The Phoenix creates long & strong, functional muscles.

      • Firing the muscles 500 times per second, we can re-program years/decades of faulty movement patterns to perfect form and muscle recruitment in 1-5 sessions.

      • Strength can improve exponentially fast after an injury that caused atrophy.

      • We often get dramatic flexibility enhancements (think increasing your hamstring finger to toe stretch by 5-12 inches in minutes) that last.

      • Most E-stim units produce 5-40 Hertz. The Phoenix produces 10,000 Hertz, far more Amps and a unique waveform that is harmonious with healthy tissue. 

      • We can also recover you from hard workouts (marathons, 4 hour gym sessions...) by removing cellular debris & lactate while simultaneously repairing & relaxing muscles.

  • We know of only 1 other E-stim machine in America that has a similar healing current. 

    • They originally did a good job of finding innovative techniques and uses for it, they also charge $200/hour for online treatments, often with non-HCPs.​

    • Their machine now costs $21,000 and it charges you every minute you run it.

    • The Phoenix uses a more advance form of this at an affordable price for you.



  • At RapidHeal Therapy, we can take most injuries and convert a devastating prognosis of months of recovery into weeks and weeks into days.

    • ​For example, we have taken a 6 week MCL tear (confirmed on MRI) prognosis to heal in almost 6 days, it was 9 days, two treatments. This patient returned to high school wrestling, mid-season, and never lost another match the rest of the year.

    • There are countless stories like this, year after year. Come visit us, we will give you a story to tell.

  • To paraphrase, our Phoenix therapy finds damaged tissue, removes the bad and adds the good. 

    • It regenerates tissues and makes your muscles feel 10 years younger, more flexible and absolutely rejuvenated.

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