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Your fastest way to healing

First clinic in Boulder Valley to offer: 
Chronic Shoulder Pain
“After 9 years of shoulder pain, Kyle was able to give me the relief I had been looking for. 
I had gone to chiropractors and massage therapists before, but Kyle was able to effectively treat the area that was causing me discomfort.
After just 3 treatments, I was 100% pain free!"

— Rae, Hawaii


What we Treat

If you are suffering from any strain, sprain, surgery, swelling, fracture, musculoskeletal pain, Injury or stiffness, we are likely to be your fastest, safest route to healing. We are here to help.

How we are different from 99% of other practices

Neurotarget Therapy

Finds & Alleviates pain, for good


  • Pain and injury result when your muscles do not fire fast enough to absorb force.

    • NTS finds and fixes the neurological cause of this so your injury can heal and not return

  • Get more info about NeuroTarget Therapy 

Phoenix Therapy

Removes inflammation and accelerates healing


  • The Phoenix finds inflammation & scar tissue that block blood flow to damaged tissues to immediately hasten their healing & fully elongate muscles

  • Get more info about Phoenix therapy 

We use NeuroTarget Systems


Phoenix Therapy

Or watch videos here 

Early 2021 Results

       These were the first 15 patients treated in 2021, none were excluded:           88% success Rate:


Thumb sprain: 5/10 pain to a 2/10 in 1 treatment


Low Back pain: 6/10 pain to a 2/10 in 1 Treatment


Thumb pain in webbing and knuckles: 8/10 pain to 0/10 in 1 Treatment


Knee pain: 3/10 to a 0/10 in 1 treatment


Finger tendon/pulley injury: ROM improved by 80% after 1 treatment


Ankle pain sitting on knees: 20% decrease in pain after 1 treatment


Elbow pain: 6/10 down to a 0/10 in 1 treatment


Shoulder pain: 8/10 down to a 2/10 in 1 treatment


Back flare ups 20 years off and on: Pain only slightly decreased, ROM significantly increased after 1 Rx. Referred to MD, she had a lesion in her spinal canal, endured the risky surgery and fully recovered


Fibular head pain (lower leg): no change, referred to MD


Calf strain: 4/10 pain down to a 0/10 after 1 treatment


Shoulder pain: limited to 90 degrees of ROM in abduction to Full (180 degrees), 9/10 pain down to 5/10 after 1 treatment


Mid & low back pain & Sciatic symptoms: 6/10 pain down to a 1/10 pain in low back, 3/10 in MBP and no Sciatic Sxs


Shoulder pain (moderate Rotator Cuff Strain): 80% improved after 3 treatments in pain/function


Hip replacement and subsequent dislocation and LBP with recent fusion: 50% improvement in pain/function after 1 treatment

If you want results this week, contact us now. chances are we can help.

Sea Turtle
    ~10% of profits are donated to charities that save people from human trafficking, feed the hungry & clean the ocean
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